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The Polonaise

Price: $175.00 + s&h

The Polonaise, dating to the 1870's, is a bodice/jacket type top that drapes long in the front and back and can accommodate a bustle petticoat if desired. The back is pulled up and underneath for a gorgeous bustled effect and has three little tails that lay at the base of the waist and over the long bustled bottom section. The neckline and sleeves can be made in a variety of styles. The neckline can be squared, curved, or come up to the base of the neck. The sleeves can be short, 3/4 length, or long (with or without flaring at the wrist). The front of the bodice closes with buttons.

The Polonaise can be made in a variety of fabrics with accenting ruffles and trim. The color, ruffle and trim possibilities are endless, which allow for a truly unique and one of a kind garment! The bodice section of the Polonaise will be lined in cotton.

The base price for a polonaise on its own is $175 and that is for a cotton or acetate/blend brocade fabric, ruffles and trim. Other fabrics and additional accents are likely to increase the cost depending on what you would like and at what cost I can find your ideal fabric at. A simple, 2 panel, A-line walking skirt can be made to match your Polonaise for an additional $75. This type of skirt will not accommodate a bustle petticoat underneath. If you would like a fuller, more period correct skirt that will accommodate a bustle petticoat, please see my Victorian Underskirt.

If you are interested in ordering a Polonaise, please email me so that we can discuss colors and details.

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