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Thank you for visiting my 'About Me' page! Everything you see here is made by me unless noted. I am a self-taught seamstress, jewelry designer and artist! I am currently (and slowly)finishing my BFA in painting with a special emphasis on figure painting. I've been 'goth' since the age of least, that's when I wore black everyfrigginday, dyed my hair black and realized...."Hey, there are others out there like me!" Since those days of teen angst and my current days of 'adult' angst, I'm still creating because it just pours out of me and is what really makes me happy (in addition to having a house and barn full of animals = 11 special cats [why do they keep SHOWING UP?!], 1 outstandingly sweet and happy dog, 2 mysterious goldfish, 1 rather bad rabbit, 1 sometimes bad goat and 1 wonderful young horse, Rowan).

I'm very inspired by Art Nouveau, the Victorian age, the Medieval dark days and legends as well as Asian themes.

I generally purchase fabric in very small quantities because I might be drawn to a certain feel or print. Because of this, many of the clothing/items are one of a kind or made in very small multiples.

I really appreciate your visit to my boutique and hope that you will find something to your fancy! I am happy to create something custom for you, so please do not hesitate to ask! Merci encore et mille bisous!



Upstairs at...

Ye Olde Spooky Farm

Rosebush, MI 48878 United States

What Am I Up To?

If you'd like to know what I'm up to you can visit my Livejournal page, where I post pictures and comments on some of the work I do for myself and customers.

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