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Mandarin Blouse

Price: $125.00 + s&h

The Mandarin Bodice is a fitted top (or jacket, depending on the heaviness of the fabric) that has long sleeves and sculpted bottom hem. The sculpted bottom hem will allow for this bodice to be worm with a bustle. The bodice can also be made with a longer and straighter bottom hem, but will not accommodate a bustle. The bodice has a dainty Mandarin collar, cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves and front button closure. This bodice has a tendency to flatten the bust a bit in a way that modern garments do not. This is due to the fact that it is being made from a period pattern. This bodice comes lined in cotton. The base price for the Mandarin Bodice is $125. As with the other garments, additional accents are available at an extra cost.

If you are interested in ordering a mandarin bodice, please email me so that we can discuss colors and details.

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