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The Underskirt

Price: $125.00 + s&h

The Victorian Underskirt is a very full, multi-paneled, floor length skirt that has a flat front and pleating or gathering in the back. The extra fabric in the back is meant to accommodate a bustle petticoat. The back is slightly longer than the front so that when a bustle is worn, the skirt hem raises to be the same length as the front of the skirt. This skirt has a side zip and button closure. Even though this skirt is called an underskirt it is meant to be worn just like any skirt. It bears the name underskirt because most women of the period wore a shorter, accenting overskirt (also available for purchase) atop of the long, underskirt. The underskirt is not lined, but can be done so for an extra fee.

The base price for this skirt is $125 and is for a cotton or acetate/blend brocade fabric and does not include any accents such as ruffles or trim. Other fabrics and ruffle/trim accents will be quoted on a one on one basis, depending on what you are interested in.

More photos in the Victorian Gallery!

If you are interested in ordering an Underskirt, please email me so that we can discuss colors and details.

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