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The Overskirt

Price: $50.00 + s&h

The Overskirt serves as an accent garment and is meant to be worn over an underskirt with a bodice or jacket. Of course, you may have a different, more modern idea for the Overskirt! I offer three styles of Overskirts, which can be accented in many different ways (ruffles, lace, fringe, trim, bows, etc)! The Overskirt closes either on the side or back (depending on the style) with buttons or hook and eye closures and is not lined. Overskirts can be modified in length and cut. The base prices for each Overskirt is for fabric only and does not include any accents.

The Butterfly Overskirt (shown in red) is draped in the front, gathered with pleats on the sides and has a butterfly-like effect in the back with cascading pleats. The base price for the Butterfly Overskirt is $90.

The Bustled Overskirt (not shown) is draped in the front and back, gathered with pleats on the sides, while also being pulled up and under in the back for a bustled effect. The base price for the Bustled Overskirt is $80.

The Tie Overskirt (shown in blue) is draped in the front and ties in the back by looping one length over the other. The Tie Overskirt is actually held closed by the waistband and not the back ties. The base price for the Tie Overskirt is $50.

If you are interested in ordering an Overskirt, please email me so that we can discuss colors and details.

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